Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photo Journal 1

A friend, Beth Anne, once gave me a book which became one of my biggest influences in becoming a photojournalist. It was the journal of Dan Eldon, a young photographer and adventurer born in London who grew up in Kenya. He traveled extensively and kept journals of his photographs, findings, writings, collages. The book title, "The Journey is the Destination," reflects his personality well. I don't feel I can do him justice in this blog description, so look him up if you're reading this. He was stoned to death in Somalia while working for Reuters by a mob reacting to the UN bombing raid on the suspected headquarters of General Mohammed Farah Aidid. He was 22.

I have always loved the idea of keeping a "photo journal" and collected many things in my travels and my life and kept several books already, even before I discovered photojournalism or understood it completely. For the past few years, though, I've spent most of my creative time with digital photography. Digital cameras and laptops are not without their merits (they're super awesome in fact), but sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a little LCD box. I started a new journal because I need something more, I can never think of quite the right word, organic, cerebral...therapeutic. There is something about spending hours making stuff with your hands - without a keyboard.

Well, my first post isn't quite so collage-y or photo-y, but it is a painting of Jesse L'Argent, based off a photo, and something I felt good doing today. I will continue to post random pages.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ogden Gets Hip

...For a couple days. The city resurrected Winterfest and trucked in tons of snow to 25th Street for ski jouring, snowmobile racing, skiing, human sled dog racing, etc. It was warm and slushy, but still a good time.

Josh Stuart of Ogden goes off a jump while ski jouring, being pulled on skis by a horse, at the Winterfest in downtown Ogden Saturday, Feb. 13, 2010. Stuart is on the ski racing team at Weber State University.