Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Utah Jazz struggle, are swept by the LA Lakers 111-96 in game 4.

And this...this is for Ramin.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For JJ

It surprises me how open people are willing to be to strangers during the worst of times. 14-year-old JJ Reyes was struck and killed by the FrontRunner commuter train on his way to school on April 22. The family held a vigil at their home the same night and at least 100 people showed up. I try to be very respectful in these situations because I'd hate to upset anyone or worse, spend two minutes getting some generic crying/vigil photos and miss the story of who this young man was and the people he left behind (not badmouthing but it bugs me when TV people show up and get two minutes of some pretty, crying young woman and take off). I spoke to JJ's father, Jerry Reyes, and his stepmother, Jessica, in the top and bottom pictures, who I think were mostly in shock, but they welcomed me. I hope the photos and story in the paper did their family justice for their willingness to do so.


Ben Barrett, left, gets a pie in face from sixth grader Nathan Hansen at Taylor Elementary School in Centerville Friday, April 16, 2010. The school has a competition with Oak Hills for students at each school to read the most minutes per month and Taylor was honored the Golden Book traveling trophy for March. Student council members volunteered to get a pie in the face from the top reader in each class.

Well, thank goodness for 10 fps anyway.