Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love Alaska

1: Seward mountains 2: Otter in Resurrection Bay 3: Humpback whale 4: Ricky fishing for silvers 5: Wet Brian 6: How fisherman scratch their noses 7: Seasick Iranian kid 8: Seagull 9: Boats 10: The Perseverance 11: Dale's Pale Ale does Alaska 12: Knockin' out the halibut 13: Cutting fillets 14: Renee 15: Renee learns to fillet 16: Plane goes home and so do we!

Alaska never ceases to amaze me. The landscape is stunningly beautiful and goes on forever and ever. Mountains, glaciers, ocean, wildlife. This time, we awoke at 3 am to go halibut fishing and ended our adventure with halibut tacos, SUNSHINE of all things (apparently the Anchorage area broke a record with 30+ straight days of rain) and family. Great times. Off to Colo...