Friday, November 26, 2010


I shared a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with friends and coworkers, complete with coconut milk graham cracker crust pumpkin pie and outstanding tiramisu with homemade kahlua at the end.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Piedmont Ghost Town

I love ghost towns. I love cemeteries. I love the middle of nowhere.

I photographed the ghost town of Piedmont, Wyo. about a month ago. Wendy Peterson, who is descended from some of the founders and settlers of this town and lives nearby, gave an explanation of each building still standing and the history of the town, and explained the charcoal kilns which are being restored there. Founded about 1867 as a railroad town for Union Pacific, Mormon pioneers Moses Byrne and Charles Guild helped establish Piedmont with ranches and the charcoal kilns. Because of the steep grade of the railroad tracks and politics during the Golden Spike era, the tracks were eventually rerouted and Piedmont became a ghost town. During its heyday, Piedmont had many saloons and visitors and it is rumored Calamity Jane stayed there and Butch Cassidy met one of his partners to plan a robbery in the Piedmont hotel.

Peterson's family still owns the land and ghost town. She welcomes visitors but spoke of many people who use the buildings for target practice or take cornerstones and other things from the town and hopes in the future others will take only photographs.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WCFC: Rail Event Center

"Disco" Dave Foley versus Dave Baldanado
Justin Crosby cleans off blood after defeating Braulio Corona
Pat Garcia versus Ryan Walker
Steven "Razor" Sharp versus "Super" Steven Siler

WCFC: Scrap Yard

Dave Castillo defeated John Walser
Abraham Monarrez versus Tommy Allgier
Crystal Olsen versus Cecile Jaskowiak
Mr. Jeremy Horn
Steven Siler has a chat with Johnny Riche