Sunday, November 17, 2013

Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar Deux

I had an amazing time this weekend at the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar getting too little sleep and meeting some awesome photographers, including Scott Strazzante and Kevin Martin, who I've been in touch with for a bit but finally got to meet in person. Insanely nice guys! Scott convinced me to finally change my name on Facebook to my REAL name (he's so right about it), and Kevin taught me how to waltz and a few other people how to jam on the banjo. Also met Kevin's Knoxville staffers Adam Lau and Saul Young who had me laughing all weekend. Great presentations and portfolio advice from the likes of Meredith Birkett of NBC News, Liz Baylen of the LA Times, David Goldman of AP, Brad Smith of Sports Illustrated and plenty of other sit-in-the-hallway-with-a-beer-and-look-at-work colleagues. The lovely Kristin Heinichen joined me for the adventure, it was wonderful to see her. The Ohio University kids were partying a little too hard for the rest of us, but they were lots of fun and made for some great pictures! I highly recommend attending this workshop if you have some extra cash and a free weekend. It's good stuff.

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